TigersCom is a network of performers, trainers, and consultants represented by: Mario Bottazzi

TigersCom – the clients’ benefits:

Humour and authentic spirit

TigersCom guarantees that competence, knowledge, humour and authentic spirit are part and parcel of the concept, planning, and execution of any communication process or event. From first briefing to debriefing.

Understanding understanding

TigersCom ensures that agenda, dramatic flow, creative performances, deliver your message the way you want to say it, and the way people want to get it.

TigersCom merges:

  • Experience with fresh ideas

  • Business with theater

  • Themes with emotions

  • Seminars with smiles and knowledge

  • Events with success

  • Consulting with creative dialogue

Mario Bottazzi and his network partners are looking forward to giving you the personal TigersCom experience:


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List of Selected Customers:

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