What is Tigerscom?

Tigerscom is a network of  corporate communication practitioners. Tigers with Experience. Savvy in the ways  of the market, but still on the hunt for something new.

How and where can Tigerscom help you?

Events: Performers for Performance

Let the Tigers use their experience as artists, cabaret performers, presenters and keynote speakers for your company celebrations, jubilees, customer events, trade show appearances, kick-offs and conferences to make your agenda fly. We have many polished routines combining business with cabaret, magic, juggling, music, and, of course, we also write original material as befits the customer and occasion. Our speciality is the creative synergy between content and humour, but we can be serious too.

Seminars: Laugh & Learn

We are creative trainers and coaches who are not afraid of using humour to enhance your seminars and other company-internal training initiatives.

Corporate Communication: Put the Tigers into your Think-Tank

We’re catalysts,  happy to work with you short- and long-term as external conceptional sparring partners, or as general contractors for projects and processes in Corporate Communications, Culture, HR, Marketing, etc , etc.

DigiTiger Productions: DVD, film, CD, website, graphics, comix…

We have the DigiTigers ready to pounce on your digital Corporate Communications. Your input, and our extra-special mix of new-fangled  technical know-how  and good old-fashioned  story telling competence make you and your media communication authentic, and effective, and right on target with the target group. Dig it all, it’s digital!

Why buy Tigerscom?

We are multilingual Humour Resources, combining good value for money with a lasting effect.

We’re more creative than an event agency, more conceptionally involved than individual artists, and less expensive than classic consulting firms.  There’s no agency fee to pay, because we are a network, not an agency. Whatever your message, whatever your objective, your creative dialogue with us will turn your company communication and culture into a real experience for the target group – in three languages: Mario Bottazzi is an Austro-Italian Englishman, bilingual in German and English, fluent in Italian.

How do clients experience the Tigerscom?

Tigerscom forms itself anew for each project. A creative task force specially for you.  With Head Tiger Mario Bottazzi taking care personally that the concept you made with him is implemented as you (and he) intended.

Creative Dialogue: A concept in 50 minutes

Our Creative Dialogue with you starts with us listening, and asking the right questions . The right questions are those, where you learn something from your answer. Then we all kick start our Idea Engines to personalize your agenda with creative contributions  that make fun and sense for your message. A figure, a story, a name, a claim. Within less than an hour,  we can get together the big points  of a concept that will also hold in final execution. Enabling all those involved – be they your people or Tigers – to contribute effectively and authentically to your corporate communication.