Performing Moderation par excellence!

ECO WORLD Styria, recently declared by Sustainable World Capital to be the world’s best Greentech Cluster held its annual Zukunftswerkstatt (Future Workshop) for 150 personalities from politics, science, and business in the assembly hall of the Alte Universität Graz. Mario Bottazzi always struck the right light key with his performances and moderation. Starting off energetically with the ECO WORLD Rap, he moved on to interview politicians and key note speakers with knowledge in his mind and tongue in his cheek, and at the end he even got the venerable professors, politicians and CEOs to cluster together in vocal harmony. ECO WORLD Styria, the world’s best Clean Tech Choir!

And what did the client say?

Dr. Sabine Marx , ECO WORLD Styria:

“We had decided to enrich the ECO Zukunftswerkstatt with emotional elements. Not an easy job for most moderators, that’s why we finally chose Mario Bottazzi. He delivered the right mix of performance and moderation, of knowledge and humour to transform an academic event into a refreshing experience for heart and mind! I would especially like to thank him for the excellent collaboration, creativity, and flexibilty in the preparatory phase.”