Who wants to be a target group?

icecreamglassThe corporate message is almost always about Change. Every quarter. Every year. Everything must flow, everything must merge, and nobody wants to listen anymore. To change,  more change, and yet more change. This is why the target group is the biggest enemy of corporate communication.

Customer, manager, employee, everybody’ s  fed up with change. That’s why ice, as in I scream , is a good metaphor for effective corporate communication in times of blizzards of change blowing hard, and showing no signs of letting up.

The Crystal-Clear Agenda – The Recipe for Successful Company Communication

The corporate message is delivered in the Agenda Bowl. To the point and without undue length. In order to bowl people over an agenda should be transparent with a crystal clear form, created first and foremost  by the client, because:

Only the Client knows the Client

Who knows better than you what’s going on in your company, and where it should be heading? But it’s still a good decision to use TigersCom, as an external thinktank and sparring partner.   Because we know how to listen, follow your lead, and also to  say: Yes but – if necessary.

The Agenda Bowl is filled with items from the client (90%) and Tigerscom (10%). These items are like scoops of ice cream well-rounded; a definite form but also merging into each other and the agenda. And as the fruit in the bowl, TigersCom humour, music and creative audience interaction tastefully set  to provide  the emotion and energy corporate communication needs to convince and not manipulate fellow human beings. alcbottle

The Crystal Clear Agenda Bowl is a full of  interaction between content and people. There far too many events and communication processes with modules stacked on top of each other like so many shipping crates. Each one is fine in and of itself, but doesn’t seem (or want?) to mix well with the others in an inspired and inspiring way. In the best case there’s a moderator to provide some transitional words and a star to say he loves the company that pays his exorbitant fee, but the bonding spirit is missing.

The Bonding Spirit(s)

The final kick  for Crystal Clear Agendas are painstakingly distilled communication concepts, poured top down over all issues and content. Only corporate communication with this kind of spirit can connect with the people and transform them from a target group ducking under fire into involved people agreeing with the company targets.

A company is a democracy of the capable in a culture of consent

No key-note speech by  a biz guru, no team roar, no showstar appearance, can instil belief by itself. Change needs Exchange to be sustainable. A dialogue must take place within the company between the leaders and their people. Opinions must be heard and difficult questions asked and answered. (I don’t know is sometimes a very good answer…)  because those who take a position will also take action.

The Recipe for Successful Company Communication in a nutshell

Take a crystal-clear Agenda Bowl. Fill it with tastefully prepared items, (90% serious and 10% humorous, but both 100% to the point) Then apply top down a bonding spirit that entertains and convinces. Add client leaders who live what they want of others. They are not-know-it-alls and technocrat manipulators but authentic human beings who react constructively to hard questions and criticism. They generate consent, not fear. This kind of cream competence will break the ice and bowl the people over!