The 150 top managers of Munich Re Group met In the idyllic Bavarian Château Schloss Hohenkammer near Munich. The day was, of course, all hard facts. Mario Bottazzi softened them up in the evening with a rap and songs wrapped around a key note combining music and business (!) by Prof. Dr. Christian Scholz. All in English, which was no problem for both.

Prof Scholz says high performance needs dissonance and these he supplies with his 5 Seconds Model. Seconds are a dissonant musical intervall and he uses them as a metaphor for contradictory concepts like hierarchy/democracy, success/fun, perfection/adventure…
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Christian Scholz and Mario Bottazzi were perfect partners in infotainment. The Munich Re Group managers took great pleasure in loosening their ties a bit.

And what did the client say?

„Preparation and execution were a lot of fun. I was especially happy about the very positive resonance during the event.“
Dr. Heike Heidenreich
Head of Department
Employee and Leadership Com.