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Otto Knapp

Tiger topic: HR Development Concepts for processes and sustainable events & seminars Technical School for chemical industry, certified registered business consultant, MSc (Executive Management with focus on Coaching). Long-term experience in distribution of hardware, software and consulting services. Over 25 years of experience as a manager in various medium-sized and large companies in various sectors. 13 years in a multinational corporation as head of personnel, organisation, IT and General Services for Austria, and subsequently 2 years in the corporate headquarters abroad. Currently a self-employed business consultant (since 2007) and Business Coach with focus on personnel, value-based management and support of change management. www.advancedbusinesscoaching.at (back to top)

Marcus Weixelberger

Tiger topics: Keynote Speaker for IT &emotions, concept & implementation for digital & human networks Marcus Weixelberger, 36, is co-founder (1997) of Kunschert & Weixelberger IT Consulting OEG, from which arose Gekko Data Processing GmbH in the year 2000. After graduating from hotel vocational school and training as a hotel administrator, Weixelberger started his professional career in tourism before he changed to Horwath Consulting in a controlling capacity. From 2003 – 2006 he directed SECUREbox it-solutions GmbH, a subsidiary of Raiffeisen Informatics GmbH and Gekko with the company focus: IT security development for medium-sized businesses. Weixelberger, together with his colleague of many years, Johannes Kunschert, currently runs Gekko Sales & Marketing, Communication and HR Development. www.gekko.at (back to top)

Susanne Draxler

Moderator, singer, actress Toured with Three Girl Madhouse “ Hitsingle: Always Gonna Be Around You, produced by Beat 4 Feat. Member of the Tohuwabohu Team (ORF). Own music theater productions: Surf Dance, An Evening with  Gerlinde,  and New York Lady. Solist in Alfons Haider’s showsHaider for President and Haider 3. 2004-2008, artistic director for Ladies Night in Kosmos Theater. Figure: Gerlinde Gerlinde owns a bus company and drives everbody crazy with her faible for German pop songs. Gerlinde’s “Live your Dreams  Tour”  ist the  life story of a woman who has survived – up to now… Experience sickeningly sweet German Schlagermusik in an evening in pink, full of irony and charme…” www.susannedraxler.at (back to top)

Ingeborg Schwab

Actress singer (fe)male moderator, author Author of  Plays for children and grown ups Theaterworkshops for children and young people, Moderation, figure und object theater,  many roles in cinema, TV, and advertising Figure:  Herbert Gottsbacher For Herbert there’s no project description, he just is himself… he can do anything from sleight of hand, to monologues that get slightly out of han.   He knows  everbody or, at least, someone who knows someone. His rendering of Ring of Fire makes you smoulder. He has violent fantasies. He’s a chainsmoker and can’t stop telling  jokes and stories  about folding rules, laptops, security numbers …… Nobody’s gottsbacher than Herbert! (back to top)

Eva D.

Solo stand up comedienne, singer, author Winner of the Kleinkunstpanther 2000, the audience award of the Theatercafe Graz. Four solo programs “Hautsache”, “Bekenntnisse einer Fruchtfliege”, “Schuhe lügen nie” and “Rausch”. She is co-founder of the “Weiberstammtisch” and has performed for various companies and institutions. Tiger figure: EVA UP, the female success trainer Eva UP fires female success fantasies and her cabaret seminars show how a woman can make it in a man-iac’s world She has her ups and downs but always comes back for more. Enjoy the Eva UP Experience in LET IT FLOW  the different anger seminar. LIFE LONG LYING, WELLNESS STRESSLESS, relaxing products for business ladies and men (miracle-bra, sex socks light, personality defense care bodylotion & strips, Le Pied Positive, anti-age drink etc.) SHOE HOROSCOPE (Shoes don’t lie)! www.eva-d.at (back to top)

Christina Förster

Actress, singer, musician Winner of the People´s Choice Award for the Best Supporting Actress❠2003 at the World Theatre Congress and Festival, Halifax/Canada.  2004-2008  member of female cabaret cooperative “Weiberstammtisch”. Tiger Figures: Prof.Dr.Dr. Stefanie Kolleritsch,  the terrible therapist,  Sieglinde Toth, the chainsmoking secretary from Vienna, ascendant Cancer. www.christinafoerster.com (back to top)

Gert G. Beirer

Tiger-topics: Communication, motivation, company healthcare. stressmanagement, firewalk events, customer/employee incentives and 5 minutes of spiritual recreation during kick offs. Professional experience: Coach, trainer, assistant professor, lecturer Pantarhei Academy – Focus: Health & Fitness, Trade: Ex- and Import partnership Education/Qualifications: DONAU-UNIVERSITÃT KREMS: Stress Management for Vienna Technical University Process Management Department Energy therapy, stresshandling, Qigong-Yangsheng, auto-hypno tools, Fangsonggong school of breathing, Wushu martial arts Assistant professor at Austrian universities Dao-Yin-Laoshi in accordance with grand master Abt Kun Kong Si-tsu (Prior) of the Dingshan Tempel in Germany (European Dingshan Association) Languages: German, English, Serbo-Croatian www.pantarhei-zentrum.at www.top-team-trainings.com www.genro.at (back to top)

Peter Sattler

Tiger-topic: TU DU, The Energy Efficiency Cabaret; CEO at sattler energie consulting GmbH. Born 1961, married, 2 children 1989: Graduated in electrical engineering, electronics and communications engineering at the Graz Technical University 1989 – 1995:Assistant professor for electrical engineering at WIFI in Styria 1992 – 1995: Assistant at the Institute for Electrical Systems at the Graz Technical University 1995: Establishment of sattler energie consulting Since 2003: Training Lecturer for European Energy Managers at the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (EUREM). Since 2005:Chairperson of Board of Examiners 2004:Assessment tests in energy technology 2004:Establishment of sattler energie consulting GmbH. 2006:Development of pro tools for the “Klima:aktiv“ , energy-efficient operations & environmental protection programme, commissioned by the Austrian Energy Agency. Consulting Areas: Multi-channel load-profiling Green energy generation (small-scale hydropower and biomass power generation projects) Training courses and workshops Networked energy projects KPC support applications www.energie-consulting.at (back to top)

Rudolph Funk

Tiger-topics: event organisation, process organisation, team development, moderation Tigerworx: 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2012: organisation and co-design of trade show appearance for Ressenig Fahrzeugbau at the Klagenfurt Wood Fair Born 1955, founding member of Konas Consulting Network. Various public service leadership tasks in special projects CEO of Stadthalle Villach. Co-developer of the “Villacher Vereins-Service“, a training workshop for association members Co-organiser and support for large events. Training as coach (systemic-constructivist-ecological consulting in an occupational context). Organisational structuring. Team developer and individual coach. His motto:  my experienc is your benefit. Work based on BUSINESS REFRAMING Team development in the public service Organisational development in family businesses Special coaching program or skilled trade businesses Individual coaching www.ideenbruecke.at (back to top)

Axel Olzinger

Musical performer in English and German, choreographer Following an education at Point Park College in Pittsburgh and at the Performing Arts Studios Vienna, various engagements led Axel Olzinger from Salzburg to a diversity of musical stages in Europe and the USA. He played, among others, in Pippin and Oklahoma in the Pittsburgh Playhouse, in the world premier of Roman Polanski’s Dance of the Vampire, in the European premier of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Grease in Vienna’s Raimundtheater and in Walter Bobby’s Chicago (Vienna, Berlin and London). In addition to his activities as musical performer, Axel Olzinger has made numerous public appearances in galas (such as Night of 100 Stars in London’s Palladium Theatre, Joe Racino Show at Magna Racino, Austria) and fashion shows, in TV and in his own choreographies. (back to top)


Make your events, seminars and meetings more entertaining and their effects more lasting with theater improvisation Theaterworks have worked with Mario Bottazzi for TNT, Telekom Austria, and Siemens. Hannes Bickel Actor, impro actor at Urtheater, Theatre Works and others. Trainer for improv theater. Maria Magdalena Leeb Acresss, teacher, improv actress at Theatre Works, Impro-X, wirsindmehr, “Frischlinge” (ORF), trainer for improv theater, Workshops for adults, children and young persons Prizes: Winner of the First Viennese Improv Cup in 2005; First Place sponsorship award for Innovative Improv Performance at TAG, 2007; Second Place at GrazCabaret Competition, 2007 (Zieher & Leeb with “Immer anders”) Anita Zieher Actress, communications trainer, moderator; improv actress for Theatre Works, Impro-X, wirsindmehr, “Frischlinge” (ORF) Trainer for improv theater, workshops for adults, children and young people. Numerous theater appearances (recently with the piece “Hannah. Verstehen”. A dialogue  with Hannah Arendt) Prizes: Winner of the First Vienna Impro-Cups 2005; Winner of TAG 2007 award for innovative Impro-Performance ; Second Place at Graz Small Arts Competition 2007 (Zieher & Leeb with “Immer anders”) www.anitazieher.at (back to top)

Roman Braun

Tiger-topics: Key Note Speaker, Trainer and Coach for a range of topics including personal excellence, leadership, oratory. Trance Work with participants at company events, for the accommodation of goals and occasional spiritual refreshment. Innovation Factory – Getting participants to join in on the development of new product ideas, processes and procedures in a company. Bestselling author, first certified NLP Master Trainer in Austria, NLP assistant trainer at INLPTA, ÖDV-NLP, DVNLP, HA-NLP and Trinergy®-Master Trainer at ITA (International Trinergy® Association) President of ICF Austria (International Coach Federation), and recognized life and social consultant. His background: The study of psychology, philosophy and pedagogy, as well as life and professional experience as a businessperson. Years of experience as consultant, trainer and coach in economic, pedagogic and therapeutic areas. Comprehensive training and further education with Paul Watzlawick, Bert Hellinger, Steve de Shazer, Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Robert Dilts, Robert McDonald, Joseph O’Connor, Ian McDermott, Wyatt Woodsmall and others. Member of American Board of Hypnotherapy. Roman Braun is the mental coach of world-cup winners, leading politicians and world champions. PUBLICATIONS Roman Braun: Die Macht der Rhetorik – Besser reden, mehr erreichen Roman Braun: NLP für Chefs – und alle, die es werden wollen Roman Braun: NLP – Eine Einführung Text Roman Braun, Musik Mario Bottazzi: Trance Formator – CD Roman Braun, Helmut Gawlas, Edgar Dauz, Amanda Schmalz: Coaching Fibel – vom Ratgeber zum High Performance Coach Roman Braun, Helmut Gawlas und Fritz Maywald: Führen ohne Drama – Die 8 größten Führungsirrtümer, gelöst durch Trinergy-Strategien Roman Braun und Uta Kenda: Familien – Coach www.trinergy.at (back to top)

Christopher Kaes “ Comedy & Magic

Tiger-topic: Company-related comedy magic shows at kickoffs, customer events, conferences, trade fairs, etc. Managers must also be magicians as most numbers are an illusion anyway; many would prefer to make many targets simply disappear, and new products can do magical thing and show on and show forth. Magic workshops for leadership and employees, as tongue-in-cheek reflection on how one can achieve company targets with magic. Why not reflect on and present company content with magical humour? Christopher Kaes is one of the best comedy magicians in Austria and abroad. He’s a fastfingered fast talker and bedazzles the audience at company events, shows and private events from Vienna to Dubai. Whatever, wherever, the audience is on its feet at his feet! www.christopher-kaes.at (back to top)

Stefan Grassl – TechTigerTeam Supervisor

Many factors contribute to a successful event. Music, light, video and stage must all work together in unison. The TechTigerTeam combines many experience know how to meet your requirements and achieve the best possible results. Whether corporate events, parties, trade shows or concerts  –  you say we do. With high-quality equipment and well-trained and spoken personnel. TigerSoundStudio, DigiTigerVision We also produce jingles, CDs, graphics or videos for you, all tailored to what your individual event or communication process needs. We’re also happy to advise you on bands, DJ’s, and even classic chamber ensembles. www.musikundlicht.at (back to top)

Andy Freund. Moderator, DJ, Singer, One-Man Band

www.andyfreund.com (back to top)

3C – Creative Communication Concepts

www.3c3c.de (back to top)

Der uUL – Videocompositing, Animation, Postproduction

www.deruul.at (back to top)

Tomkat Training

www.tomkat-training.de (back to top)

Martin Herget

www.martinherget.com/ (back to top)

English Lovers – the English TigersCom theater improv partner

Since their first comedy and improv night “A Load of Nonsense” in January 1999 at the Theater Drachengasse, the Lovers have moved increasingly towards completely improvised performances, countless corporate shows, and appearances at international festivals. Turn your company into a theatre company and learn some things you never knew about the people who work for you and with you… www.english-lovers.at (back to top)

Martin Ploderer – The Voice / La voix

www.martinploderer.at (back to top)

Dr. Bernd Hufnagl – our occupational health expert

www.benefit.cc (back to top)