NOEH Convention and 30 years anniversary of daycare mothers

NOEH, the Hilfswerk Lower Austria invited 500 daycare mothers and some daycare fathers for a day of information and celebration. The Daycare Mother Blues begin sketch with Ingeborg Schwab got them all off to a good start.

NOEH Day Mother Superior Elke Fuchs moderated the “serious” agenda, which was interspersed with rap and song by Mario Bottazzi. The Thomas Poms Dancers with their NOEH breakdance show were the climax of an event that was completely in line with the expectations but still something really different. In February 2013 TigersCom will be playing a creative part in the 35 years anniversary of NOEH.

And what did the client say?

“The audience and we are very happy. This was a new event concept for us that worked perfectly. Thank you Mario.”

Elke Fuchs

Head of NOEH Department Children, Youth, and Family

Copyright Fotos: Franz Gleiß