Laugh & learn to save energy

“In view of rising energy costs, the efficient handling of energy and the utilisation of savings potentials are the call of the times. Managers know this, but to achieve sustainable success and reduce costs, the employees of the company must also do their part. This is exactly the point that drives our seminar cabaret: awakening and strengthening energy awareness,” says Peter Sattler, CEO at sattler energie consulting GmbH in Gmunden, who developed TO DO -YOU DO together with Mario Bottazzi of TigersCom.

Mario Bottazzi: “With TO DO  – YOU DO we want to propagate energy efficiency in a refreshing way. This seminar isn’t intended to preach and teach but to deliver a simple message. If you don’t do who will?”

Companies, municipalities and institutions on the lookout for an entertaining and convincing way to communicate energy efficiency can engage a team of energy professionals and performing artists for an event that is infotainment at its best and most useful.