tigerpaw>> Hear the VINCI Rap

VINCI employees can and should profit from their company’s success with CASTOR International, an employee investment program. With this thought in mind, sixty top managers of VINCI Germany came together at the Hotel Steigenberger in Königstein near Frankfurt to get informed and motivated to sell shares to their employees. The creative climax and (w)rap up of an information-rich morning was the Rap Factory with Mario Bottazzi. In only 30 minutes, the VINICIANS wrote a CASTOR rap text and recorded it live. The Rap was post-produced at Tiger Sound studio in Vienna and will continue to speak out for CASTOR as a company internal communication and advertising tool.

What did the client say?

Michael Poschmann, head of AVB Berlin, the event agency that handled the event:

“Dear Mario, thank you for your creative and professional work. Everything went perfectly, we had a lot of fun together and – most importantly – the Rap Factory was very well-received by the customer. I eagerly await your post-production edit of the live recording.”